Saturday, June 09, 2007

First real shoes

Elijah's never worn shoes before. He's worn booties and he had one pair of pre-walker boots that he grew out after only having worn them twice, but not real shoes. Because he has a freaky, turned-under toe, it's been recommended that he be barefoot or in socks most of the time, in the hope that might straighten out his toe. But now, it's getting too cold for bare feet and he can't go outside in only socks, so it was time for real shoes!

I was intending to just get Elijah a cheap pair of shoes for his first pair, but do you think I could find shoes that fit him? All the size 3 shoes were too small except for a pair of size 3 pre-walkers. Since Elijah is now walking with confidence, pre-walkers just won't cut it anymore. The size 4 shoes were too big: Elijah was able to pull one off as I was putting the other on.

Eventually, I found the only pair of shoes in the entire store that were an acceptable fit. Unfortunately, they were also the most expensive. They are leather and about twice the price I was intending to pay! I'm sure they are more expensive than some of my shoes!

Fortunately they do fit very well, with a bit of growing room. It didn't take Elijah very long to adapt to walking in them. We gave him a trial run in the house before letting him loose outside.

Oh yeah, he's cool alright!


Nienna said...

OH baby shoes are so cute! He wears them well!

My little brother had a freaky curled under toe too. He still kind of does, and he's nine!

Quilldancer said...

I love that stance!

The Mumma said...

Nienna, did it affect how he walked at all? We were warned that Elijah might need to have surgery on his.

Quilly, So do I! Lots of attitude!

Nienna said...

Well, my brother actually also has a turned in right ankle which has affected him more than the toe. My mom kept him in tough leather boots since he basically started wearing shoes and always made sure his toe was "properly placed" before letting him loose. His toe hasn't really bothered him in recent years.

The Mumma said...

Thanks for that, Nienna. It makes me feel a lot better about E's toe.

Anonymous said...

After just going to the Podiatrist for Tash, and getting a lecture on good quality shoes, and having to get orthotics, don't skimp on his footwear!!!! Orthotics are exy.