Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grown up food: Tacos

We gave Elijah his first taste of tacos tonight, complete with store-bought taco mix/seasoning (looking at the ingredients, I might make my own next time - onion, paprika, cumin, garlic, miscellaneous preservatives - I reckon I've got that covered).

I wasn't convinced about the taco mix in the mince, but he devoured it and demanded more. We also gave him an oven-baked taco shell to break into little pieces to munch on as well as some tomato, cheese and lettuce. He wasn't so keen on the lettuce but he still ate some of it.

He is starting to develop some peculiar habits. The photo above shows him "mid-sort" as he divides the food on his tray table into separate piles - lettuce, tomato and cheese. Strange boy. I have no idea where he would have learned this type of character trait... :P


quilly said...

Ah, what a swet little OCD baby!

Kids go through the strangest stages. My ex-husband's grandson sorted all his food by texture (at least we think that's what he would do -- mashed potaotes and jello went in the same "don't eat it" pile).

anastasia_wolf said...

LOL! Very cute!

Lenina said...

Hmm, see when I sort my food I get sent to counseling. He does it and its adorable! Lol. I could just squeeze him up!

The Mumma said...

Quilly - We've yet to see what Elijah is sorting by. A few more meals like this and we might see a pattern emerge.

Stace - Isn't it just?

Lenina - Cluck cluck cluck cluck. ;-)