Friday, June 01, 2007

Modelling the new longies

This is about as close as I could get to Elijah standing still. For some reason, he's obsessed with the laundry. He likes to watch the front loader do its job. He also likes to open the machine. Luckily, while a load is on, it automatically locks.

He then found the bucket we use to hand wash clothes and proceeded to carry it around for ten minutes. Why is he so obsessed with buckets and bags? He loves carting his nappy bag around too.

Here's a good back view of the longies. You can see I had to fold the cuffs up, which means they have plenty of growing room.

Last one! It's fun to chase Mummy! Elijah just saw this photo and started cracking up. I told him it was Elijah and he started saying "Ida". Is that his version of his name, I wonder?


anastasia_wolf said...

Oh good I was hoping there'd be a bit of growing room in them :D. Thanks for the piccies!! :D

Quilldancer said...

Precious -- priceless -- and I love that smile, it lights up the world.

The Mumma said...

Stace - he's wearing them to bed tonight! Yay!

Quilly - Indeed it does: my world at least.

kym said...

Love the colours of the longies! Red hair is adorable :D