Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rockabye your bear

Elijah's favourite new trick is to do the actions for the song Rockabye Your Bear while we sing.

Everybody clap - he claps his hands
Everybody sing, la la la la la
Bow to your partner - we make him bow and we bow back
And then we turn around - he giggles as we turn in a circle
Hands in the air - the hands are in the air before we even sing this line, because he knows it comes after the turn
Rockabye your bear - he moves his arms from side to side
Bear's now asleep, shh shh shh - he puts his hand to his mouth just like he's shhing

So cute!


quilly said...

One word: video

The Mumma said...

So far he won't do it for visitors or the camera. Stay tuned!