Thursday, June 07, 2007

An unhealthy obsession

Just when I think I've seen the worst mess he can make, he pulls another trick out of his proverbial hat. For three days running, Elijah has eluded me at some point. By itself, this is not an unusual occurrence: he is becoming more independent every day and enjoys testing his boundaries. However, this particular mischief involves potential danger to his health.

Moments after disappearing, I discover him in his bedroom, nappies strewn all over the floor. The problem is, they aren't clean nappies. He has been pulling the dirty, wet and soiled nappies out of the pail, one at a time and throwing them on the floor in an attempt to procure the pail for himself to carry.

Why the sudden preoccupation with emptying the nappy pail? I really don't understand it. He has other, already empty buckets to cart around if he wants a bucket and he has clean, dry nappies within reach if he wants to throw them around, but apparently it's of dire importance that he use the pail and he is totally focused in his "work" as he removes the lid of the pail and digs around in the foul-smelling damp pail.

We've told him not to do it, but he's pretty stubborn. (Gee, I wonder where that trait comes from!) He knows what we are saying, but he chooses to obey or ignore at will. This is the same for touching the garbage bin: no amount of "No! Dirty! Only Mummy can touch it!" will dissuade him. Redirection works to a point, but he always returns to the scene of the crime to repeat the experience over and over.

Any thoughts on child proofing the pail would be welcome, in addition to ideas on how to stop him from doing this again. At this rate, he is only going to be allowed to walk up and down an empty hallway because we are going to have to lock every room in order to keep him safe (and us sane!).


Anonymous said...

Can you get a pail with a lid? Or check with a cafe or somone that uses those industrial size tubs of mayo, sauce etc - I think they are bucket sized and have screwtop lids. Otherwise, hang the pail from a hook over the shower rail...

The Mumma said...

The pail has a lid (see paragraph 3). It comes off fairly easily so that you can put the nappy in with one hand while the other hand is stopping the child from rolling/falling off the change table. How easy is it to unscrew one of those tubes with one hand?

The shower rail idea would work for storage between changes, perhaps. I'll have to check to see if it is doable.

The Mumma said...

^tubs, not tubes