Saturday, June 23, 2007

More fun with balloons

You may recall that Elijah has had a bit of fun with balloons. It seems now that he has a good memory, as when we were shopping yesterday, Elijah spied the Foxtel kiosk, which is adorned with orange balloons on sticks. Immediately, he started saying, "Boon! Boon!" I asked him if he would like a balloon. I think the answer was pretty clear. ("Boon! Boon!")

So I went up to the counter and asked if Elijah could have a balloon. ("Boon! Boon!") He wouldn't take it from the Foxtel girl, but he gladly accepted it from me. We then headed out of the shopping centre.

Elijah happily brandished his balloon-on-a-stick, while riding on my back in the Ergo, all the way out the centre, through the outdoor mall and up the stairs to the carpark. He got a little carried away as we went up the stairs and the fellow on his way down the stairs got one in the belly with the balloon. I apologised, the fellow laughed and Elijah proudly held up his balloon. ("Boon! Boon!")

Since yesterday, the balloon-on-a-stick has barely left Elijah's hand. He cries if we take it off him to change his clothes. He only willingly puts it down so that he will have free hands for eating. I'm sure he would sleep with the balloon in his bed, given half a chance.

Honestly, I don't know why we've ever bothered spending money on toys for this child. A balloon-on-a-stick or -string, a broom, a container of lids, a basket of pegs and some books seem to keep him pretty much entertained.


quilly said...

I believe that kids should design toys. I think toy stores would be a very different place if they did.

Brooke208 said...

Aww! Isn't it funny how they would rather play with the random things? No fun toy that sings, just give me the box Mom, and I'm happy. :)

anastasia_wolf said...

PMSL Kira has a balloon obsession too! Although she's currently going through a "pop the balloon" phase... how fun.

The Mumma said...

Quilly - Have you seen Big? That was the premise.

Brooke - Glad to hear E's not the only one!

Stace - E just likes scratching it to make the rubbery sound. *shudder*

melburn21 said...

i work at a foxtel kiosk... blowing up and handing out balloons all day. its good to read someone is having fun with them :)

The Mumma said...

Since that day, we've taken advantage of the Foxtel kiosk quite a few times!