Thursday, July 19, 2007

15 month statistics

I took Elijah in to be weighed and measured on Tuesday. There's really not much point to weighing him anymore other than just for record keeping, but as we want to keep him rear-facing in his car seat until he hits 12 kg (the maximum weight for rear-facing in his seat), I need to check every now and then.

Weight: 10.84 kg
Length: 80 cm
HC: 47 cm

He's definitely not going to take after me.

If you double a child's height on their second birthday (measured as length until then), this is their height as a full-grown adult. Being that Elijah is already 80 cm and double that is 160 cm, he's going to be closer to Daddy's 6 foot frame than Mummy's 5 foot one.

Incidentally, Elijah is now pretty much average with all measurements.


anastasia_wolf said...

That's hilarious, Kira is only 12cm taller than him! HAHAHAH! (She was about 82cm on her second birthday, so she will be a tad taller then me hehe).

The Mumma said...

And yet if you compare their sizes at say 6 months, the results would be skewed in the other direction!