Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Elijah's new friend

Quite a few years ago now, one of Mummy's students gave her a thank you gift of a handmade "ballerina bear".

The ballerina bear

Yesterday the ballerina came out of her box for the first time since we moved to our current home (almost two years ago now). Elijah took an immediate shine to the cute little bear. It has become a common sight round our place to see him carting her around, regularly pausing to give her big cuddles and wave her around excitedly as if to say "Look, I have a new friend. Isn't she adorable?"

Cuddles with the ballerina

He's partial to dancing with his little ballerina as well. I think she reminds him of the little ballerina girls Mummy teaches on Monday afternoons.

Edited 12/07/07: Removed Daddy's brain-addled typos. He can't help it, he's home sick!


anastasia_wolf said...

Awww that's lovely!!

The Mumma said...

I love that he's so gentle and affectionate with her. Bodes well for siblings, do you think?

nienna said...

Oh Helen, already itching for another one?

I think a little sister would be great for Elijah! He'd be so protective. I love that he's such an affectionate child with a bit of fun with him. He'll be quite a catch when he's older! Not that he's not already...I'm sure if him and Charlotte or Sofia were paired together, they wouldn't be able to keep their little eyes off him!

The Mumma said...

Nienna, if they are all as lovely as Elijah, then I'd have a truckload!

the quill said...

A dancing partner his own size -- and no pain when she accidentally steps on his toes.

The Mumma said...

She doesn't complain when he accidentally drops her either!