Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A good little helper

We've established previously that Elijah likes helping. The most wonderful thing is that he's now actually getting very good at helping. In fact he's so good, I think he's starting to take over some of my housework. Not that I'm complaining, of course!

His latest trick? Loading and unloading the front-loading washing machine.

He started by helping me take the clean washing out of the machine and putting it into a basket. I had him help to stop him complaining that I wasn't paying him enough attention. Now he insists on doing it all himself. He only needs help when he's down to the last few items that are too deep in the machine for him to reach.

On the weekend, he emptied his entire pail of dirty clothes into the washing machine all by himself. He isn't very fast, as he transfers one item of clothing at a time, but he's very thorough. He notices when something falls out of the machine onto the floor and puts it back in the machine. He also insists on having all the clothes in the basket, not hanging over the edge of the basket. He's quite the little fastidious man!

Now to teach him how to properly wield that broom...

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