Thursday, July 19, 2007

Now put that right back where you found it, young man!

Well, I didn't say it exactly like that...

Elijah has started going for little wanders through the house, finding things and bringing them to me for acknowledgment. Sometimes it's a book that he wants me to read to him. I always oblige. Sometimes it's the house keys. Goodness knows what he intends me to do with them. Yesterday it was Daddy's new beanie.

For those of you who don't follow the weather for this side of the world, it has been particularly cold here. In fact, it's supposed to be the coldest winter in six years. It's been regularly getting down to -6 celcius overnight and often doesn't pass zero until mid-morning or even later. So Daddy has been keeping a beanie in a handy little spot in our bedroom, within easy reach from the doorway. It's getting quite a bit of use.

Elijah was in his room with me, about to have his nappy changed. I turned to get something I required for the process, turned back and he was gone.

"Where's my Bugalugs?"

Toddle toddle toddle. Back he came, with beanie in hand. "Look Mummy, look what I found!" said his expression.

"Elijah, that's Daddy's beanie. Go put it back where you found it."

Toddle toddle toddle. Off he went.
Toddle toddle toddle. Back again, sans beanie.

We did the nappy change and I thought no more of it, but kept an eye out for the beanie. I noticed that the beanie had been put back in our room. I thought that was very good of Elijah. When I later told Daddy about what had happened, he hadn't even realised that the beanie had been moved because it wasn't just put back in our room, but in the exact same spot that he had left it the night before.

"Go put it back where you found it."
"Righto, Mum. Exactly where I found it. Done!"


quilly said...

smart. cute. obedient ... perfect.

The Mumma said...

If I could guarantee all our children would be like Elijah, then I'd have a truckload!