Saturday, July 14, 2007

Social Butterfly

Elijah was invited to his third wedding last weekend. Sometimes I think that if it wasn't for this child, we'd never leave the house! But seriously, three weddings in less than a year is pretty good going.

As always, everyone marvelled at how well behaved he was. He did very well, considering that for the most part he wasn't able to run around because of the location. (The wedding was in a hotel, but it was very open plan, so very easy for him to get into unsafe areas.)

One fashion faux pas: Elijah and another little boy at the wedding were wearing the same striped shirt from Pumpkin Patch!

The following photos will give you an idea of the fun he had.

Put my finger on my nose, on my nose...

Cuddles for Daddy

Breadrolls... yum!

I can read at the table if I want

Dancing with Mummy

Smile for the camera, Elijah!

It's late, Mummy. When do we go home?

Hang on, who put those balloons there?

One of the guests wouldn't let us leave until we'd taken a whole heap of helium balloons with us. So Elijah now has plenty to play with at home!

Incidentally, the wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

More people should get married.

And invite Elijah.


dave said...

ok :)

I'm getting married.

Elijah's more than welcome...

The Mumma said...

Us too?

dave said...

only if you're on your best behaviour.

It's always the parents you have to watch.

The Mumma said...