Thursday, August 02, 2007

Get me on TV!

Elijah has had his first audition! He and I went to the Channel Ten studios today for a casting for an ad campaign. We are potentially up for the parts of a mother and baby. It's not too much of a stretch.

It was a strange process, though. I've never auditioned for television advertising before. While holding Elijah and a name card in front of a camera, I had to briefly talk about us and then the director gave me a short scenario to act out, without dialogue. I guess the part is non-speaking.

The best part of the audition was when Elijah burped loudly on camera, just as I was about to introduce him.


quilly said...

So, you two feel like you have a shot?

The Mumma said...

Well Elijah definitely won their hearts, so if they are treating us like a package deal, then that goes in our favour. Otherwise, I don't know. I felt really out of my depth. I'm used to stage acting, not TV.