Friday, August 17, 2007

The Shoot!

Things I learnt about Elijah on the ad shoot
  1. Elijah doesn't like anyone but Daddy or himself touching Mummy. He had a total conniption in makeup. Even having him sitting on my lap, being cuddled, wouldn't settle him while the makeup artist attacked my face with brushes.
  2. He understands a whole lot more than I realised. Once we got out of makeup, the shot wasn't quite finished being set up, so we waited on some couches. I asked Elijah if he felt more settled now. He replied, "Yes."
  3. It doesn't matter how unfamiliar the setting is, as long as there are some familiar items there, he is much more comfortable. Having our own high chair used in the shoot was a big help. Balletbear will also be featured in the commercial, as she and Elijah would not be separated.
  4. As long as food is in sight, it doesn't matter what the boom mic is doing near Mummy's head and cameras don't even make the radar.
  5. Once a meal is underway, you cannot pack up and move to a different location until the meal is over, unless you want a very stroppy toddler. The scene called for me to feed Elijah. Of course, after all the takes were completed, Elijah still had food to eat. So the crew packed up the set and equipment around us while Elijah finished his meal.
All up, it was pretty successful. Once we were out of makeup, Elijah was a total pro. He didn't make any noise during my dialogue and was calm and happy: pretty much all you can ask for a child to be in show business.


quilly said...

Have I missed you tell us what it is you are advertising -- besides your lovely, well-behaved, handsome young man? (Every mother will want one. [Elijah, that is.])

The Mumma said...

I don't think I've mentioned what the ad is for. I shall have to rectify that!