Sunday, August 26, 2007

So where does he get the red hair from?

My top ten most common answers:

10. Well actually, red hair is a recessive gene and since both of us have redheads in our families, it's not that unusual that Elijah is one.
9. My sister is a redhead.
8. He's a genetic throwback.
7. I don't know, but it sure attracts the girls.
6. I dye it.
5. He's actually a Weasley.
4. I don't know, I should ask the hospital about that one.
3. Does he have red hair?
2. His real father.
1. The postman.


quilly said...

#5 is my fave!

The Mumma said...

Unfortunately I think he'll be too young to be cast in the 7th film, otherwise I could have taken further advantage of the resemblance.

Lenina said...

I don't know. Don't Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny all have children? He could be one of those. Perfect.

The Mumma said...

Shhh! Daddy hasn't gotten that far yet!

Jennifer said...

My dad used to get very frustrated with everyone commenting on his red hair when he was small. My Grandma said he took to yelling at people "It's not red, it's orange!" but he couldn't pronounce r's right yet, so it was more like "owange."

This has been your daily non-sequitor.

The Mumma said...

That's very cute. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Stop by again sometime!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a redhead!!!! I'm strawberry blonde!!!!!