Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Taking the time to smell the... car fumes?

Now that he is quite adept with his walking, we have taken Elijah on a couple of short treks around the neighbourhood. This morning, after having a run around the back yard for half an hour (while I sat on the dun-drenched back step, Harry Potter book seven in hand), we went for a leisurely walk to the post box to send off a letter. We arrived home twenty minutes later.

The post box is no more than a two-minute walk from our house.

Why did it take so long? Well, for starters, Elijah's legs are considerably shorter than mine, and because he was happy to walk holding hands and we were in just great hurry, I slowed my pace to match his. However, the biggest factor in the eking out of the activity was Elijah's insistence to stop and watch every car that passed. As soon as he sees one coming around the bend, he must stop whatever he is doing and pay attention to the car. A smile crossed his face. He follows the car's path with his head, whipping it to the other side as the car passes him. He continues to watch until the car disappears around the other bend in the road.

The breaking point for me came when Elijah spotted a woman walking two small, white, fluffy dogs across the road. Elijah stopped to watch them, then broke free and started out towards the road. I hoisted him up and carried him or about ten metres, until the dogs were out of sight and out of mind. Then we walked, hand in hand, the last few metres home.

If we lived in a busier area, I don't think we'd ever arrive at a destination!

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