Friday, September 21, 2007

Unexpected visitors

Elijah was napping the other day - well he was supposed to be napping; in reality, he had decided that was enough sleep and was playing in his cot - when the doorbell rang.

Now usually when the doorbell rings at that time of the day, it's the postie bearing gifts. Not this time. I was certain that I hadn't ordered anything and there had been no recent birthdays. I had no idea who would be bothering me during my "me time".

Imagine my surprise when my aunt and uncle greeted me. They had rocked up in their car, which to most people wouldn't be that unusual, but for people that live a good two days solid driving away, it was a big surprise.

So Elijah's "nap" was cut short so he could meet his great-aunt and -uncle. He must be becoming more confident, as it didn't take him very long to warm to them. He was showing off his new-found verbosity and dancing around the lounge room.

As you can see, he even willingly sat with them on the sofa. Even more surprising was the fact that he gave out cuddles just prior to their departure: a gift generally reserved for those nearest and dearest to him.

So to all our family members out there, don't be afraid to drop by, even if it takes two days to get here. Elijah (and his parents) will make you feel very welcome.


quilly said...

Wow! Driving two days for a surprise visit! Wouldn't they have been surprised if you weren't home? I am glad you were and that Elijah was shining like the star he is.

The Mumma said...

Actually, they were worried I wasn't home because there was no car in the driveway. In their defense, they were actually on their way to somewhere else, and stopped in on the way.