Sunday, October 07, 2007

First day care experience

This coming term, I'm trialling being back at work in order to ease myself back in for next year when I return permanent part-time. This has meant that I have had to find child care for Elijah.

We were very lucky to get a place on Fridays with a lovely Family Day Care lady who lives nearby. Last Friday was Elijah's first day! We had decided to start him off in the school holidays so that we could ease him (and me) into the new routine.

We had visited the home once before and Elijah got along quite well with the Day Care lady's own children and liked the toys that were on offer. I wasn't sure how he'd handle being left there, considering he often throws tantrums when I leave the house to go out. I needn't have worried.

Oh there were tears, but they were all mine. Elijah just sat there as I explained I was leaving him for the day and looked at me as if to say, "Well, that's cool, Mum. I've got toys here, so I'll see you later." I asked him for a cuddle and he stood up and gave me one, then went straight back to the truck he was pushing around the floor!

I received a message from his carer later that day, telling me he was asleep and had had a busy morning playing and eating. I couldn't believe how easily he coped with the change in routine! I later learnt that he'd had a three hour nap. He obviously felt very comfortable.

When I arrived at the house in the afternoon, I was greeted by big smiles. He was happy to see me, but he didn't really want to leave either! It took a while to convince him that it was time to go home and that the toys had to go back in their boxes for next time.

I discovered he also managed to add two new words to his vocabulary as well that day: dog and Diesel (the name of the dog that lives there)! Go Elijah!

It was a very successful experiment. Elijah was happy, his carer was happy because he was no trouble at all and I was happy because I was assured that I will be able to go to work and leave him in a safe environment. What a pity this carer is finishing up at the end of the year.


quilly said...

Daycare, the first day of school, etc. is always harder on the parent then the child.

The Mumma said...

I knew this theoretically, but experiencing it was another thing altogether!