Tuesday, October 09, 2007

From the archives: Helping with the washing

Elijah can be such a helpful boy. It really is amazing just how much he tries to help around the house. It can get frustrating at times (particularly when he hands you things faster than you are able to deal with them) but in general, I choose a helpful toddler over a lazy or extremely tanty one.

I'm pretty sure his Mother would agree :)

Requires Flash to view the video. This was filmed on 27 July 2007.


quilly said...

Hey, I need my laundry done. Send him to visit.

smp said...

Well, the only problem is that he can't be trusted to be left alone with the washing machine, what with all those pretty LCD screens and buttons and all.

You might think it's cool to have your washing machine loaded for you, but when you come back an hour later to find he has skipped through all the cycles (twice), changed your gentles wash to industrial strength and somehow overloaded the machine so that there are now suds on the floor and a disturbing knocking sound coming from the machine's barrel, you might not be so grateful.

(Note: above may not have actually happened. Yet)