Sunday, October 07, 2007

A new perspective

Sometime between when I fed him breakfast at 6:15 this morning and when Mummy got up at 8:30am, Bugs decided that Tigger needed a new view on life.

I'm not sure why he did it but there is obviously a logic to at all as many hours later, after much running up and down the hall (not to mention the odd tantrum or five), Tigger sits there still, just as Bugs left him.

He's an odd one, that boy.

He must get that from Mummy's side of the family.


quilly said...

Sometimes Tigers just need to be different.

smp said...

Tiggers even more so.

I still can't believe how long Tigger was balanced there on his head. He must have had a very good reason for doing it.

Tiegan said...

Perhaps its an attempt at teaching Tigger about his center of gravity..or maybe Tigger was naughty and is being punished in a cruel and unusual way.