Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not just coping, but thriving

As I've returned to work part-time this term and have found it very difficult to get adequate child care, Elijah has been coming in to school with me twice a week, in addition to the times he already comes with me to the primary school and the dance school.

Tuesdays aren't really a problem. We're only there first thing in the morning for a couple of hours and then home in time for a play, lunch and nap time. Wednesdays, however, are a bit more worrying. The class I teach is from 11:30 to 12:30 (Elijah's lunch and start of nap time), I take a rehearsal at lunch time (1:30) and then have an after school rehearsal until 5pm.

Last week, Elijah went down for a nap on the floor of the Arts Staffroom not long after 12:30 without much fuss and slept until almost the end of my lunchtime rehearsal. He didn't even freak out when he woke up with me not there. Even though this has shot our normal routine to pieces, it doesn't seem to be causing any disruption and is definitely not affecting his behaviour. If anything, he's been even more settled, comfortable and confident over the past couple of weeks.

This has all been rather tiring, though, especially since it now means I'm working seven part-days a week as well as being Mummy full-time. Luckily, this Wednesday, Daddy is taking care of Elijah and the following Wednesday, we start with a new Family Day Care lady, who has a spot available for a few weeks. This will give him a bit more attention and me the ability to concentrate solely on the students.

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