Friday, October 26, 2007

The Potty is most definitely the place!

Elijah let us know that he needed to use the potty this morning. He was pulling faces in his high chair and then, when let down, ran straight to the potty. Daddy thought we may have missed the boat, but his nappy, when removed was not soiled. So Elijah sat on the potty. And we waited.

For a long time.

Then eventually, we realised that he'd used the potty!

Usually when he sits on the potty, he gets up rather quickly, but this time, he stayed until he was sure he didn't need to be there any more. We were suitably impressed and did plenty of cheering and praising.

I guess this is the beginning of the end for our beautiful cloth nappies.


quilly said...

Yeah! It is great when they decide to train themselves. Less fuss for everyone. (You won't miss the extra laundry and those cloth nappies make great dust rags.)

The Mumma said...

Well actually, the cloth nappies would make terrible dust rags because we don't use traditional cloth, we use modern cloth. ( will give you an idea.) It's ok, we'll save them for the next baby!