Monday, October 29, 2007

Teatime for Charlie

Apparently even teddy bears need somewhere to sit while they wait for dinner.  Elijah spent a good 15 minutes putting Charlie into the seat then taking him out of the seat then putting him in the seat and readjusting his position before taking him out of the seat and balancing him over an arm rest before putting him back in the seat again.

When it came time for dinner, Mummy kindly asked if Elijah could take Charlie and put him next to Hippo (who was at that time quietly sitting in the lounge room enjoying a few quiet Elijah-free minutes).  Unfortunately, this was translated as "Charlie's lonely.  Go and get Hippo to keep him company.  I know! Let's put both of them on the seat together so that the whole family can eat together! Yay!".

Crazy child.  He does love his plushies though.

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