Monday, October 08, 2007

Toothipegs part 10

Daddy noticed the other bottom molar had broken through the gum on the weekend. Now that doesn't necessarily mean the the tooth erupted over the weekend, just that that was the first time he'd noticed it.

It's pretty much impossible to get accurate dates on the emergence of new teeth now, as Elijah does not want to play the "parental finger in toddler's mouth" game.

But that makes ten. And we've still got some funny-looking gaps happening on both sides. I'm wondering if it's normal for these molars to come through before the canines. Anyone have answers?


quilly said...

This is what I know about baby teeth .... ouch!

The Mumma said...

We've been lucky. Elijah's barely ever bitten me!

quilly said...

OC says canines come in after the first molar but before the second molar.

The Mumma said...

Right! So it looks weird, but it's perfectly normal. I can cope with that.