Thursday, November 29, 2007

Burns victim

Elijah had his first major accident on Tuesday. He was at school with me and pulled somebody's cup of tea down off a bench and all over himself.

Luckily, everyone acted quickly, the tea was not boiling hot and we were able to prevent any blistering. He was, however, quite a bit freaked out by having all these strange people around him, shouting and pouring cold water over him. He even suffered the indignity of being thrown into a shower in front of half a dozen strangers. As all his clothes were wet, he had to go home in just a hoodie and nappy. It had been cool that morning and had warmed up since, which was the only reason he had anything else to wear.

By the time I got him home, there was barely a mark left on his belly. There were no ill-effects, just a very tired and emotional Elijah and Mummy.

I guess if he didn't understand "hot" before, he sure does now.


quilly said...

I am glad the trauma was more emotional then physical. I hope he remembers this lesson.

The Mumma said...

So do I. So far, the word "hot" seems to spark fear.