Tuesday, December 11, 2007

20 month stats

It's three days before he's 20 months, but it was more convenient to get him weighed and measured today than wait until next Tuesday for the free drop-in clinic.

Weight: 11.69kg
Length: 84.5cm

He's therefore out of size 1 clothing for age and height, but not for weight, which explains why his size 1 shirts still fit him but not his pants. I figured he'd be in size 2 by Christmas. I think I'm right. He's definitely taking after his father with regard to body type. Poor me. I'm going to be the shortest in the family.


OC or Q said...

I am quite short and still considered one of the taller people in my family. It's all relative. (teehee)

anastasia_wolf said...

LOL Kira was about 82/83cm at 2. Yep he's going to be tall!