Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007 in words and pictures

Elijah's second Christmas, and first Christmas at home, was a comparatively quiet but joyous affair. In the lead-up to Christmas, Elijah saw Santa everywhere, was excited to see Santa, but not quite sure why. On Christmas morning, he knew something was up, because the door to the lounge room was closed. We kept him busy with the contents of his Santa stocking until we were ready to let him loose amongst the presents.

Elijah's grandfather (my father) hand crafted a wooden rocking horse and sent it via courier for us to assemble, which we did on Sunday night, hiding it in our room until late Christmas Eve. Elijah didn't seem to notice it at first, paying more attention to the lights on the tree, but he soon discovered what the rocking horse was all about.

I took advantage of my new 50mm portrait lens for my DSLR to take these shots of Elijah in the rocking horse.

Elijah had fun playing with his new toys. His favourites appear to be the fire truck from us and the Elmo Mobile Phone that his Day Care mum gave him. We weren't expecting a gift from her, but she put one in his bag on Friday. We put it under the tree to save for Christmas Day. He loves it and treats it with great reverence!

We bought him a doll for fine motor-skill development. The doll has clothes that zip, tie, button and buckle. It came in a pink box, which annoyed me no end, but Elijah liked both the doll...

...and the box! He's sitting in it below! One of his aunts gave him some musical instruments, on which he is performing his own improvised solo in the picture.

Christmas lunch was a bit of a milestone. We decided that Elijah was a big enough boy to eat at the table now, as opposed to his high chair. We removed the tray from the chair and put it on a lower setting so that he could sit with us. He was very confused about the lunch because he'd never tried cold cuts before. After a bit of experimentation, he decided he liked turkey, ham, egg yolk and croutons!

After a well-deserved nap, the afternoon was spent "helping" me make chocolate truffles, playing with the toys and generally being cute.


quilly said...

Elijah excels at "Generally being cute." I loved the videos!

The Mumma said...

Cuteness is a daily blessing in our house.