Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day trippin'

On Wednesday, Elijah and I set off on a road trip to Sydney and back in the one day. I was a little wary of how well Elijah would cope with being in the car for 8+ hours of driving in the one day, but surprisingly, it didn't seem to faze him at all.

We set off after 9am. By the time we'd reached the ACT/NSW border, he was asleep. He slept for about 90 minutes, waking about 5 minutes before the last possible pit stop before Sydney. We ate a quick lunch there, had a walk around and changed his nappy and drove on.

We arrived at our first destination early. Our host was still at work. Luckily for us, she works next door to where she lives, so we were able to chat and keep ourselves out of trouble.

Elijah particularly liked her guitar...

...and her hat.
While we were there, he managed to find a can of softdrink that still had a little liquid left inside. He tipped it all over his top. Of course, this served as a reminder of when he poured hot tea over himself. He screamed, thinking himself burnt and expecting to be stripped and doused in cold
water. He was stripped, but a cuddle was all that was needed.

We then drove to our second destination (getting a little lost on the way), the photographer's studio. We were intending to get there very early, to give Elijah time to settle in, as last time we had a photoshoot, the process was very rushed and the resulting shots were not very relaxed. We got there 5 minutes before our appointment, which fortunately was just enough time for him to get his bearings.

The photographer wasn't having much luck getting him to stand still until he thought of pulling over an ottoman and encouraging Elijah to drum. This resulted in some great shots! We did a few internal shots and then went walking around the suburb for some interesting externals. Hopefully the photos will be available soon, so I can post them here.

The appointment finished just after 5pm, so we drove back to our rest stop for dinner and then continued home. Elijah didn't particularly want to fall asleep, but by 9pm, he had crashed in his seat. The whole day was managed without tantrums or whinging. Success!


Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful. No studio needed!

The Mumma said...

They are good photos, but they can't be used for his portfolio. ;-)