Friday, December 14, 2007

No towers!

In November, we had a visit from Elijah's aunt and uncle and two of his cousins. Elijah had a fantastic time with them, playing lots of new games and learning to say their names. We went on a trek to the shops, where they bought him a bouncy ball (which has become a firm favourite) and to the park, where much frivolity was had by all. He particularly liked the game pictured here.

Step 1: watch cousin build complicated block tower.

Step 2: knock down complicated block tower.

Step 3: laugh hysterically.

Step 4: rinse and repeat!


OC or Q said...

That's always a good game. I play it with my pre-K students. I, of course, am cast in the "Cousin" roll, while they take turns playing Elijah's part.

OC or Q said...

hmmmmmm -- role. I am not illiterate. Honestly.

The Mumma said...

Do they ever let you swap roles? We tried, but Elijah just decided to knock down the tower he had built and wouldn't let us do it.