Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quality and quantity

Because of my being needed a lot more at work lately and Elijah being in care and without me more often, he has become quite frantic when he can't spend time with me.

This is heartbreaking. It got to the point where he would scream as soon as we arrived at a particular carer's house. Now even when I'm teaching at home and he is with Daddy, he still throws tantrums because Mummy is not paying him attention.

I don't know how families with both parents in full-time work do it. I can't stand the guilt any more. I'm not going back to work next semester.


OC or Q said...

Some parents don't have any choice. If you do, I believe it is better for the child to have his/her own parent as caregiver.

The Mumma said...

It's a tough balance but we've survived for over a year on just over one income, so I'm sure we'll cope. It'll be easier on him as well.