Friday, December 21, 2007

Replacing the irreplacable

Our Family Day Care lady is finishing up. Today was Elijah's last day there. I'm planning on having Elijah in day care for two part-days a week next year so that I can get things done and maybe do a little relief teaching here and there. So I've been interviewing day care ladies. Unfortunately, we've been thoroughly spoilt. None of them measure up to the one we had these past few months. Elijah is going to miss her, her boys and her dog. He was really comfortable there. But it's not very feasible to be looking after somebody else's children when you have a newborn to rear.

So the search is on. At present, we have a choice between two carers. One of them has philosophies that align fairly closely with mine: she has a strict approach to food (i.e. no junk), approaches behaviour management with gentle methods and was willing to ensure the TV was not on in Elijah's presence. The other implied that she wouldn't honour my request to keep Elijah TV-free, baulked at the cloth nappies and had children in her care eating packets of chips. The first, however, appeared to be putting on a "front" for the interview. It was almost as if she was trying too hard. She didn't seem natural or comfortable talking to me. The second was much more approachable and relaxed. Elijah also felt more comfortable in her presence.

Which way do we go? Both carers have positives and negatives. Do I choose someone who complies with the way we want Elijah raised at the possible detriment to his emotional well-being or do I choose someone who makes him feel comfortable and safe at the possible expense of his health and mental development?

I guess the third option is that we choose neither of the two and hold out for the possibility of another, more suitable carer having openings on the days we want.


Anonymous said...

Daycare was much easier when families lived in closer proximity and there was a trusted relative to leave the little one with.

Did you ask for references?

The Mumma said...

Both ladies had excellent written references in their portfolios. I have no doubt that these women are capable of caring for children, I just don't know if they are the right fit for our family.

The Mumma said...

This all makes me sorely miss my interstate family.

anastasia_wolf said...

*hugs* I'd probably hold out and hope. Our FDCer has gotten pretty relaxed with standards of late and it irks me no end when I get there and the TV is on, or they have candy canes hunts *sigh*, but because Kira has been there so long I feel weird about saying something, as silly as that is. Maybe the first lady just doesn't do interviews well? Is there the option to try and see if you like it?

The Mumma said...

I don't know if there's a trial option. I think I'll need to ring the FDC coordinators on Monday.

I wouldn't have thought having TV on would be a problem for you, unless you've changed your stance.