Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clandestine Activity

Elijah has free reign of his room now that he sleeps in a bed.

We had a lot of trouble getting him to go to sleep last night because his nap extended late in to the afternoon.  After a period of extended silence, Mummy risked peeking in to his room, only to catch him mid-shuffle (he was wearing his all-in-one sleeping bag/blanket), retrieving one of his books from the bookshelf.  He was quiet only because he was reading(*) his books instead of trying to go to sleep.  He didn't go down to sleep until sometime after 9pm.

He woke up before 6am this morning.  He was quiet but I knew something was up.  Something was.


It took him about 40 minutes to move through almost all of his Dr Suess collection.

This one is going to be a handful.


(*) I'm aware that in this case reading is from a local dialect that roughly translates as Look at the pretty pictures.  However, anyone who has seen him do it would understand why reading is entirely accurate.


quilly said...

I am a certified reading teacher and I am here to tell you that the term "reading" is entirely accurate. It is the only form of reading he is presently capable of, so it passes.

Tell me, does he know how to orient the book and which way to turn the pages? These are very important milestones necessary before learning how to decode letters, to make sounds, blend sounds into words, string words into sentences and ultimately stories.

You just keep right on telling Elijah he's reading. Keep him interested and involved. Read to him. Let him see you reading. Research shows that children exposed early and often to reading and readers do better academically. (But don't forget the social stuff, you want him to be well rounded.)

The Mumma said...

Thanks Quilly. You've confirmed what I had hypothesised.

He definitely knows how to orient the book. I never see him with a book upside down any more. In fact, I don't think I've seen him hold a book upside down in at least six months. He turns the pages beautifully, though he does like to flick though to find his favourite pages sometimes.

We read to him at least twice a day, sometimes more. He has two voracious readers for parents. He's becoming more and more voracious himself, by the day!

smp said...

Don't get me wrong here. I encourage his reading (I read three stories to him before bed every single night) and he's even starting to request specific books for his stories, which is cool (last night was Where the Wild Things Are - so much fun to read out loud).

He's been orienting books the right way round for a long time although occasionally he likes to flip them upside down for kicks. "Elijah, that's upside down!" whereupon he will giggle and flip it the right way up again.

I was just making the point that while we think he is quite clearly the smartest child ever, even we recognise that he is just looking at the pictures and possibly even recalling the way that the words sound when they are read to him.

Even I, the doting father, don't think he's actually processing the individual words and forming them into the cohesive story created by the author although sometimes it's uncanny the way he flicks through the books.