Monday, January 07, 2008

Days go by

Elijah, for some unknown reason this morning, was saying, "Tuesday, Monday," over and over again. So I thought I'd see if he could say the other days of the week.

Me: Monday
E: Monday
Me: Tuesday
E: Tuesday
Me: Wednesday
E: Wesday
Me: Thursday
E: Thursday
Me: Friday
E: Fwiday
Me: Saturday
E: Satadee
Me: Try again... Saturday
E: Sat-dee-day
Me: Try again... Saturday
E: Saturdaddy
Me: *peals of laughter* Sunday
E: Sunday.
Me: Hooray!
E: Hooray!


quilly said...

But I like Saturdaddy! That would be a good day. The day daddy does ALL the chores ....

The Mumma said...

Daddy would say that every day is Saturdaddy!

smp said...

Yes. Yes I would.