Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lijah bed and the return of destructobaby

Because Elijah was slowly destroying his cot by rattling the side (he broke one of the sliding mechanisms and then the screw came up and was ripping holes in the bed head), we decided that maybe it was time for the cot to be converted into a junior bed.

Elijah watched Daddy pulling the cot apart and putting it back together without the sides with great interest. Daddy told Elijah, once the construction work was done, "This is Elijah's bed."

"Lijah bed! Lijah bed!" Elijah said, walking around the bed and inspecting it from all angles. He was very proud to have a big boy bed all of his own. He climbed up onto the bed with Eeyore and sat there, pleased as punch!

We closed the curtains for the photos, so he wouldn't be silhouetted. Of course, we hadn't finished re-organising the room when Elijah started to play, stand and dance on the bed. He's so used to having total freedom in the cot, that he didn't realise (and couldn't be told) that he couldn't do such things on the bed.

We watched him fall in slow motion.

Head first, straight into the window.

He didn't go through the window, just hit it, but the force caused a lot of damage. I think he was frightened more than hurt, but he did have a bit of a graze on his head that we didn't notice until much later when it was scabbing up. I know for a fact that Daddy and I have a few more grey hairs now. And we have a little less money, too.

So how's that for a milestone? First bed and first broken window in the same day.

As for how he's going in the bed now, all I can say is he needs to get used to not being such a nocturnal acrobat. We've already had one back flip onto the floor in his sleep tonight. Let's hope he learns quickly.

Updated at 11:45pm:
He's looking rather peaceful now.


quilly said...

They say experience is the best teacher. I am so glad the window incidence wasn't worse.

The Mumma said...

Me too! He could have very easily gone through the window and cut up his beautiful face!

smp said...

First night in the new bed was "an event" shall we say.

I peeked through the door this morning to see him fast asleep on the floor next to the bed. At least it's not a long way down.

Theresa said...

Ok, I just had a heart attack. OMG!I'm so glad he's OK1

Daphne said...

how scary for you both watching it happen, glad he's ok
Loved pic of him sleeping.
we used bed guards to avoid falling mid sleep.