Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Strolling along

Yesterday, we bought a dirt-cheap umbrella stroller for Elijah to ride in when I go for walks in the morning. Ordinarily I would carry him on my back in the ergo, but I've noticed as he's gotten bigger, my posture has suffered and I'm using the wrong muscles to compensate for the shift in weight. Having him in the stroller means I can walk as fast as I want and as tall as I want.

Elijah was surprisingly taken by the stroller. He enjoyed me taking him on a test drive in-store and he loved pushing the stroller to the checkout. In fact, he threw a tantrum at the checkout because he didn't want the lady taking the stroller to scan the barcode!

This morning, I took Elijah out for a ride in the stroller. After 25 minutes of serious pavement pounding, we arrived back home. As soon as I started folding up the stroller, the tantrums began.

"No! Stro-yer!"

I had to distract him with a book. Throughout the day he has intermittently spoken about the stroller. If this is his reaction after two days of stroller ownership, I think a toy stroller might be a good idea for his birthday.


quilly said...

That sounds like an excellent idea! A toy stroller will likely be easier on the household furniture, as well.

The Mumma said...

But can I last another three months? That is the question!