Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At home in the theatre

I wish I had a camera on me last night.

I'm currently in production week of a show - it's preview night tonight! - and due to various conflicts of schedules and the restriction of having one car, I had to take Elijah to the theatre last night.

I have never seen a child more comfortable in a new place. After he ate his dinner at my spot in the open-plan dressing room, he walked around, saying hello to all the cast members (yes, literally saying "Heyo!"). He was in his element. Then he found a broom up against a wall. So the next 15 minutes were spent sweeping the dressing room! (This in particular is where the camera would have been handy!)

When we went downstairs for warm-up, he say very nicely with his books in the audience, next to the assistant director. That was until he decided he wanted to be in the thick of it again and took it upon himself to walk down all the stairs to the stage. He was fascinated by the set and props. He had no qualms about the cast and crew steering him back to me or picking him up and bringing him back to my safe arms.

Back up in the dressing room, he started getting in the way, simply because preparations were becoming more frantic. I asked him to sit down and read about the sheep, handing him one of his board books. He complied immediately and without fuss, to the astonishment of my nearby cast-mates.

After five minutes or so of his sitting quietly, Daddy arrived to take him back home. He wished me goodbye and toddled off with Daddy, happy and content, but not before giving me a look that told me he really wanted to stay. Somehow I think he believes he has found a place where he belongs.


quilly said...

Well, blood will tell.

The Mumma said...

Blood? I would have thought time would tell. As for blood, Hubby was hoping the boy would feel more at home on a football (soccer) field. Unfortunately for him, Elijah seems to have very little interest in kicking a ball.