Friday, February 29, 2008

Life imitates art

In the story of Little Miss Stubborn, she goes on a quest to Mr Strong's house for some eggs and upon getting there after various sidetracks, makes "an enormous omelet. It was gigantic!" then, because she is so stubborn, eats the entire thing, despite a warning that it would make her sick to eat that much.

Today at lunchtime, I asked Elijah whether he wanted a banana or a sandwich for lunch.
"No banana. No sambich."

I asked him if he wanted a Vegemite sandwich. "No Begemite sambich."
Peanut butter? "No peanut butter sambich."
Honey? "No hummy sambich."
What about a banana? "No banana. No banana, no sambich."

I told him it was lunch time, and he needed to eat something. I asked him what he wanted. "Gi-gant om-et."
Do you want to have a gigantic omelet for lunch? "Eat gi-gant om-et."
Well, Mummy will have to make one, so are you sure that's what you want for lunch? "Eat gi-gant om-et for lunch."

So I made a three-egg omelet and put on some toast, thinking that he'd probably eat a little bit of the omelet and I could have the rest. I gave him a quarter of the omelet, cut into pieces and left the rest on my plate. By the time I'd finished buttering the toast, he'd eaten all his share and was looking longingly at my plate. I gave him some more.

I never did find out how good that omelet tasted, although Elijah proclaimed it was a "yummy gi-gant om-et". Elijah ate the whole thing, plus an entire toast slice (cut into four triangles). Now we are out of eggs and I'm hungry.

Maybe I need to visit Mr Strong. Apparently he always has lots of eggs.


quilly said...

Wow! A three egg omelet is more than I can eat! (Of course if I made it it also contains bacon, ham or sausage, onion, bell pepper [capsicum to you], and at least one kind of cheese. You'd better invest in a dairy farm ....

The Mumma said...

It was just a plain omelet this time. The book says that Little Miss Stubborn makes the eggs into a gigantic omelet, so I honoured Elijah's request to the letter. I usually put mushrooms, tomato and cheese in mine. Or maybe asparagus, ham and cheese... *drool*

smp said...



Omlets shall have only eggs, water and cheese. Otherwise you're just making scrambled eggs, and doing it all wrong because you didn't put any milk in.


When will people learn?