Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Like the proverbial elephant

Our regular readers will know that Elijah loves reading and always has books read to him before nap time and bedtime. He went through a period of having definite favourites, but now there are so many favourites, that it is a challenge to find a book that he can't quote!

Last night, I was checking my email and such, while Elijah was settling for sleep, when I heard this little voice, clear as a bell, coming from his room.
Spooky, empty pants standing face to face!
Yelled for help. I skeemed AARGH! I sheeked EEK!
I howd. I yowd. I cried.
Oh save me from pale green pants nobody inside!
It's a section of What Was I Scared Of?, one of the stories in The Sneetches and other stories. The screaming noises are what Daddy does when he reads the book. Out of the entire section, there were only seven words missing. This is not the first time he's quoted chunks of text, but this was probably the most accurate and most clearly pronounced so far.

And books aren't the only thing he's quoting now either. I am performing in a musical, which is just about to open and so I've been practising some of the songs at home. Elijah has learnt at least half of the lyrics to one particular song. I can stop anywhere in the song and he'll say the next line (or at least the most important words of the next line). And if that isn't impressive enough, I caught him the other day, singing through the entire verse and chorus. There's not much melody to speak of, but his memory for words is incredible!


quilly said...

Definitely a born reader and actor! I wonder where he got those genes? Hmmm ...

The Mumma said...

Hahaha. Yes, I wonder.