Friday, February 01, 2008

Quips and Quotes

Apparently we are bringing up one of those people who randomly quotes their favourite lines. You know the type - anything will remind them of their obsession and they have a quote for every occasion.

Elijah is doing it with Dr Seuss and Mr Men/Little Miss books.

Out of nowhere, he'll say, "Whooosh! Sipped (slipped) on ice! Thas fun!" or "I never! Step aside!" or my personal favourite, "Tea? Tomorrow?" at which point he waits for one of us to say, "... and then he..." "FAINTED!" This of course, is followed by peals of laughter from all concerned.

10 points for anyone who can match the quote to the book.


quilly said...

No points for me. sigh

The Mumma said...

OK, these were a bit more obscure than the Green Eggs and Ham quotes.