Thursday, March 06, 2008

Crisis averted

I went outside to hang out the nappies this morning and Elijah decided to stay in his room reading rather than join me. No big deal - this is not unusual. What was unusual was hearing screams coming from the house when I was halfway through hanging out the washing.

I raced inside to see Elijah on all fours, screaming on his bed: not the mattress, which he'd pushed off the bed, but the slats themselves. I asked him what was wrong. "Knee stuck," he said between gasps for air. I looked and there it was: his leg wedged between two slats, past the knee.

I tried pulling him out. No luck. He screamed more. I tried rotating him. No luck there either. I reached through and grabbed his foot and pulled it back through so it was just his knee wedged between the slats. I was starting to think that I might have to call 000. I tried to pull as much of the baby fat and skin up out of the slats as I could, hoping it would reduce the bulk. The plan was to do this and then get an ice pack to reduce any swelling and allow the knee to be freed. However, I didn't need the ice pack or the phone. Finally, with a bit of maneuvering, the knee itself came out.

Elijah clung to me, tears in his eyes. I told him this was why we don't want him pushing his mattress off the bed. Hopefully he understood.


quilly said...

Experience is the best teacher! I am glad all is well.

smp said...

I don't know if experience -is- the best teacher. I have a suspicion he takes after his Daddy.

If that's the case he'll never learn.


I was hoping he would inherit his mother's common sense.

JennyLeah said...

Little boys seldom do. But Elijah's a bright one, so you never know!

The Mumma said...

There's hope he's taken after me. Since this happened, he hasn't pushed his mattress off the bed.

Jennyleah, stop by and comment again!