Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Helping in the garden

Helping with the compost
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Mummy finally decided to let her St Valentine's Day flowers move on to a better place, which in this case is the compost bin around the side. Elijah watched Mummy pull some of the flowers out of the little oasis they were sitting in and throw them in the compost bin.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, he gently plucked a single leaf out of the oasis and toddled around to the compost bin, lifted the lid himself and threw the leaf in. All this time he looked over to Mummy to see if this was okay. Once it was clear that he was being very helpful, he happily collected more parts of the floral collection to throw away.

If you're wondering what's in his left hand, that's one of his "pokin' sticks" that he uses in the back yard to, well, poke at things for no particular reason, as all boys enjoy doing (I know I sure did when I was a wee one...still do, really).

We are amazed almost daily at just how much Elijah loves to help.


quilly said...

And he may very well not out grow it as long as he thinks his contributions are important and valued.

smp said...

We always thank him for helping, and we both think that is exactly why he continues to help without being asked.

He genuinely seems to like helping us, which is awesome. I love it.