Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Playschool!

Elijah knows the lyrics to the Playschool theme! No, we haven't been sitting him in front of the TV yet, I've been putting on a Playschool CD to make folding clean clothes more interesting. I used to play the CD a fair bit, but then forgot about it, so Elijah wasn't terribly familiar with it when we recently rediscovered it.

These things shouldn't surprise me, but they still do. We were outside getting the washing off the line when he started singing, "Open wide, come a side, is Pwayschool." He got such a favorable response that he commenced singing through most of the songs on the CD. I didn't think he was paying that much attention. I know better now.


quilly said...

Next year, opera!

The Mumma said...

Actually, that's pretty unlikely now. I switched from serious classical vocal study to contemporary voice about a year ago. I'd say, "next year, Showtunes!" except he's done that already too. He knew a lot of the lyrics to the last show I was in!