Thursday, April 10, 2008

Elijah's turn

Elijah's turn
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Elijah has a fascination with the handle on the Hills Hoist in the back yard. He gets very frustrated when I'm hanging the clothes out as I wind it right down to lock it into place. When that happens, he can't move the handle at all, he gets upset and mayhem often ensues. Woo.

Mummy's sneak solution (apparently, according to Mummy all Mummies are sneaky) is to ask Bugs to wait until it is 'his turn' to use the handle.

She has created a monster. Once he's had his turn, he won't touch the handle again until whoever is hanging out the clothes has a turn, too. If you take too long to take your turn, mayhem often ensues until such time as the requested turn is taken. Only then will the mayhem stop ensuing (desues, perhaps?) - until he's finished his turn.

He's so helpful. Sometimes I wish he wasn't quite so helpful.


quilly said...

He will learn to wait his turn eventually. Human nature being what it is, there is also the likelihood that he will someday learn to be less helpful.

smp said...

Oh, he does wait his turn. He waits and waits and waits, and then starts nagging me to have my turn so that he can have his turn again.

I also accept that in time, he will be less helpful and I will look back at these rosy days and sigh and wonder where my darling little boy went and why was he replaced buy this gangly, surly and uncommunicative youth.

Sunrise, sunset and all that.