Friday, April 04, 2008

Front facing!

We went to Kidsafe last Friday and got them to turn Elijah's seat around! No more rear-facing! Even though Elijah was happy with the seat as it was, he'd finally passed the maximum rear-facing weight, so the time had come to make a change.

He watched with great interest as the Kidsafe employee refitted his seat.

I think he realised that this was a "big boy" event. He does look very proud of himself in that photo.


quilly said...

Now the scenery will change! (I think those rear facing seats must be very boring!)

The Mumma said...

Actually, it wasn't that bad - he could see a bit out of the back and side windows and we always made sure he had books or toys to keep him entertained in the car.

What has changed is that he now has a better view of who's in the driver's seat!