Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We chose to celebrate Elijah's birthday a day early so as to have the whole day available for relaxing with the family. Daddy's sister was here for the weekend, so Elijah didn't want for attention.

Happy birthday, Elijah! Here's the day in pictures.

The presents - wrapped and ready to go the night before.

On the morning, we closed off the lounge room so that Elijah wouldn't get into the presents before we were all dressed. He was very good until Daddy was in the shower. He took a sneak peek through the door. He then spent the next five minutes repeating, "Mummy open door. Get a bike for you."

The bright paper caught his eye first, to the pleasure of his aunt, whose presents had the brightest paper and were therefore unwrapped first.

Action shot. He understood the concept of presents inside the paper for the first time.

The cake. It turned out more successfully than last year. This is partly because Daddy did the baking and the cake wasn't made from scratch. Mummy still iced it. It looks messy around the two because the idea of the stencil worked to create the two, but then removed a lot of the icing around the two. Maybe we'll get it right next year.

At least Elijah enjoyed the cake. This was his first ever piece of chocolate cake...

...and this was his fourth!

Then it was nap time. His green robe is a new favourite thing. It was supposed to be a birthday present but it got cold enough to need it a little early.

Bonding time with his aunt.

The favourite present. He's barely left it alone since he found it.

We were listening to Justine Clarke's I Like To Sing (a present from Nan and Pop) and Elijah did some of the moves.

Then it was time to mug for the camera.

I think he's pretty happy about this whole birthday deal.


quilly said...

Happy Birthday, Elijah! You're growing like a weed, but youre a dang handsome one!

The Mumma said...

I still wonder how Daddy and I managed to produce such a handsome boy!