Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby love

Elijah has taken to sharing with all and sundry exactly what noise it is that animals and other noisy objects like cars say.

For example:
  • What does a horse say? - "The horse says 'neeiigghh' "
  • What noise does a car make? - "Car goes 'brrrrrrmmm' "
  • What does a dog say? - "Dog says 'wuh-woof' " (wuh-woof sounds even cuter in person)
  • What does Homer say - "The Homer says 'D'oh!' " (I have a talking Homer doll - Homer does indeed say 'D'oh!')

I've always been curious what things Elijah thinks he should say so every now and then I would ask him when he was in one of these moods "What does Elijah say?". Usually his eyes would glaze over slightly while he stared at me vacantly as if to say "Well, if you don't know what I say, I'm certainly not going to tell you... *hmph*". Sometimes I would try and prompt with regards to what I would like to hear him say but he would never do it. Generally he would get distracted and start yelling "Shoe!!!" and run off to play with my odiously smelling sneakers or something else distinctly not "Elijah says ...".

Tonight Bugs was in a good mood. It was another day where his routine wasn't normal but he was coping really well. in the evening, he had been regaling Mummy and Daddy with another round of "The Whole World, Item by Item, Says..." at the dinner table. After dinner, while I was preparing him for his bath in his bedroom, he started up the whole routine again but finished it with a new one.

"Elijah says ... 'I ... wuv you Mummy. And Daddy' "

Makes it all worthwhile, really.


quilly said...

The choice moments in life don't come any better than that.

smp said...

The thing that was most priceless also doesn't come out through very well in text.

He started by saying "I ... I wuv you Mummy." Then there was a big pause (at least 2 seconds). He half turned his head and, almost as an afterthought he added "And Daddy."

And grinned. Big time.

Cheeky little monkey.