Friday, May 02, 2008

From little things, big things grow

We've noticed the pieces coming together. Concepts are becoming more clearly understood and now are being articulated. Motor skills are developing at an alarming rate. It's all very exciting!

So here's a few snippets of Elijah's new tricks, for your enjoyment.

The other day, I was making chicken nuggets. Elijah saw the bowl with the breadcrumbs in it, pulled a chair over to the kitchen bench, climbed up and asked to stir. I gave him a wooden spoon and he stirred the breadcrumbs until all the nuggets were coated.

Yesterday, I told Elijah it was lunch time. He ran down the hallway... away from the kitchen. Confused, I followed him, repeating that it was lunchtime. He reappeared at the doorway of his bedroom, bib in hand. "Put a tractor bibby on, " he said. He'd opened the drawer, taken out the top bib (which has a picture of a tractor on the front) from the pile and closed the drawer again.

Elijah demonstrated today that he can get into his high chair on his own. This isn't quite as fear-inducing as it sounds, as the chair is currently on a lower setting so that he can sit at the table with the family, without the removable tray. I told him to go stand by his chair while I finished making his sandwich. I looked up a few seconds later to see him in the final stages of climbing and sitting in the chair, looking rather chuffed.

Tonight, Daddy put Elijah in the bath. Elijah, as soon as he touched the water, looked at his father and said, "Is a bit hot, Dad."


Anonymous said...

Hey, pretty soon he'll be putting in menu orders, then asking for the car keys and negotiating curfew.

smp said...

Negotiating curfew? I've been married almost 5 years and I'm still not allowed to negotiate curfew.

I'd give him the keys now but he can't reach the pedals yet.