Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maracas, Mummy style

Elijah's figured out how to lift up the toy-box on top of the stack of three to get to the hidden toys in the one below. He is intensely curious as to what treasures await him in the middle box. Today, he pulled out a plastic cup and lid, which used to contain peach slices. I'd forgotten we'd even kept it. He wasn't terribly interested in it, but to stop him pulling everything out of the middle box, I asked for it and said, "Mummy is going to make this cup make a noise."

He immediately shied away. "Making a noise" generally has something to do with the vacuum cleaner or the hair-dryer: very loud and scary! I reassured him that it would be a nice noise. I took the cup off into the kitchen.

When I returned and handed the cup back to Elijah, he peered at it, then exclaimed, "There's rice in there!" followed shortly by, "Mummy put a green lid on it." Then after some shaking of the container: "Is like a maracas!"

"Yes, Elijah!" I answered. "It's just like maracas. You can shake it and make music."

Today, that was the absolute favourite toy. He kept coming back to his "rice" and making cool rhythms.


quilly said...

Soon he will ask for a drum set, and not be at all frightened of the loud noise.

The Mumma said...

He already plays Daddy's djembe! Drums don't bother him at all - it's mechanical loud noises that do.