Thursday, May 15, 2008

An observant child

Elijah has been naming things he sees for quite a while. As his language skills have developed, the descriptions have become more detailed. For example, a tube of skin cream would have illicited "Thas a cweam," a month ago, whereas now, it's more likely that he'll say, "Thas Daddy's white tiny yittle cweam."

He's getting very good at recognising colours. He is almost always correct when naming primary and secondary colours. Tertiary colours confuse him quite a bit, but I think that's ok, considering Daddy has trouble with certain tertiary colours, himself!

He's particularly observant at meal times (which probably isn't a surprise to anyone who knows Daddy). Elijah will notice when one of us has finished eating and state, "Mummy's finished eating all a sausage now." But if he has finished his sausage (or especially his mashed potato) and I've not finished mine, he'll look longingly at the plate and with a coy smile, say, "Mummy think about it."


quilly said...

Observant and cunning. He always gets a bite or two of mommys doesn't he?

The Mumma said...

No, not always! Only if I've already had my fill!

smp said...

At least he knows better than to ask for any of Daddy's. Daddy shares his dinner with no one!