Saturday, April 05, 2008

So many numbers

We had a visitor over the Easter weekend - a friend of mine from Sydney. Elijah had met her previously and had taken a shine to her. Well after this weekend, he totally and utterly fell in love with her.

He gave her lots of cuddles and kisses in return for all the stories she read. But the coolest thing was that she actually helped him recognise numbers! Through her sitting with him and pointing out the numbers on a flyer at his request, Elijah can now (usually correctly) identify all single digit numbers. The cutest thing is that he preceeds each number with the word number, so if he sees a 7, he'll point and say "Number seven." 3s and 5s get mixed up occasionally, as do 8s and 0s, which I think is understandable, because they do have similarities.

His ability to count has moved forward in leaps and bounds over the past month as well. He has gone from not being able to count, to counting two items (such as two shoes) to actively seeking out three similar items in order to count them. Today he noticed three small human silhouettes on the label of my drink bottle and excitedly pointed and counted to three. Occasionally he can count to four, but more often than not, if there's more than three things, he'll say "One, two, fwee... two, fwee..."


Anonymous said...

awww that's so cute ;)

My heart totally melted when he said "Daddy home! Mummy home! _____ home!", if that's what he said. I'm stunned that at the tender age of not-even-two-years-old, he can say my name, associate it with me, and use my name in correct context of '____' is 'at home'.

What a bright little boy he is!

The Mumma said...

Oh yeah, he most definitely said that. I think it shows how much you two bonded over the weekend.

quilly said...

As a pre-K teacher I think I can safely tell you, Elijah is a quick learner, and on the bright side of average.

The Mumma said...

That's what we thought, too, Quilly.

That's weird - this post's date came up as May 4 when it should have been April 5.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, he most definitely said that. I think it shows how much you two bonded over the weekend.

I don't know why the mere recollection of Elijah saying "____ home!" makes me want to cry (happy tears!), but it does.

Elijah is DEFINITELY on the bright side of average. I'm not bothering to try and think about what he's going to be like when he grows up, because I have a feeling he'd just break through any preconceptions I had anyway.

- glitter

Tiegs said...

The rate at which Elijah’s numeracy and communication skills are developing always astounds me , Helen. I love reading about his progress.

Its so great that he took such a shining to Glitters.
It seems to me it is the perfect combination of temperaments right there , which resulted in something wonderful!