Monday, June 16, 2008

Story time... or is it?

I know that we, as proud parents, do natter on quite a bit about how we think our son is intelligent and that it is our right as parents to believe this is so. However, I think these latest pieces of evidence must, beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove that there is one amazing mind in this child.

For a bit of background, Elijah loves to quote from his stories.

Exhibit A - Contextual shifts:
Elijah has many Mr Men and Little Miss books. He goes through stages as to which one is his current favourite. At the moment, it's Little Miss Splendid, but last week it was Mr Messy. The week before that, it was Little Miss Twins. He particularly likes this one because in Twoland (where the twins live) everyone repeats the last word of each sentence, which Elijah finds quite amusing.

Late last week, Elijah was reciting sections of Mr Messy, only instead of reciting them as they were written in the book, he was telling the story as through Mr Messy lived in Twoland! I knew he knew exactly what he was doing, because he only repeated the last word of the sentence for dialogue. And of course, the giggles gave it away.

Exhibit B - Altering meaning through substitution:
Another of Elijah's favourite books, especially for bedtime, is Can't You Sleep Little Bear? It's been requested almost every night for the past couple of months. In the story, Little Bear is scared: "I don't like the dark." "What dark?" asks Big Bear. "The dark all around us," answers Little Bear. Today, Elijah was reciting large chunks of the story, but substituting the word "pages" for each instance of "dark". He looked at me with a very intentionally cheeky grin as he told the story in this off-kilter fashion. It was hilariously funny that Little Bear was afraid of "the pages".

Who knows what started this train of thought? I would really like to know how he comes up with these things.


quilly said...

Practicing his dialog. The actor rehearses ....

As a teacher I can tell you that, although it is much too early to claim genius status, Elijah is definitely above average in intelligence AND wit.

The Mumma said...

Awww, but I want him accepted to Mensa NOW!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Helen

Considering how his grammar is ahead of his age, I'd be very intersted to see how he draws. We were doing a study of this in either Cultural Studies or Sociology a while back, looking at how young kids literally draw objects on top of each other because that's the way they conceptualise 3D in their minds, and it's only when they get much older that they start drawing things 'the adult way'.

- glitterfairy